TORONTO – Independent Label Market


15th June, 2013

Independent Label Market held its first market in Canada in cooperation with Paper Bag Records, NXNE and Stage Fright Publicity on Saturday June 15th 2013. The heads of a number of Canada’s finest independent labels came together to sell their product directly to the public.

“People love to buy music when they can hold it and feel it, and in our digitally focused age it’s a pleasure to be bringing a more intimate format for record-buying to Toronto as part of NXNE festival,” said Independent Label Market’s founder Joe Daniel. “Expect label bosses from the cream of Canada’s independent music scene selling catalogue items, rarities, and one-off special items made just for this event.”

“As the music industry embraces mp3s and a more digital strategy, Independent Label Market is proving to be an valuable reminder of how music retail can be a social affair; people hanging out together as a community and buying records,” says NXNE Festival Director Christopher Roberts.

One of the highlights of our first Canadian Market was Kelp Records release by Hilotrons, a record that ONLY plays on Fisher Price toy record players, one hell of a format. Find out the whole story in thisĀ Noisey Feature.

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